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Gun Dog Enthusiasts

If you own – or just love – the sporting breeds, we need your voice. While most every other dog training niche is making strides into positive reinforcement training, gun dog training remains firmly entrenched in compulsory methods, in which pain or discomfort is inflicted upon a dog until it complies, or harsh punishment is …

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Regardless of whether you are a seasoned hunter or new to the world of hunting feather and fur with a gun dog, you love your dogs, and you only want the best for them – but you need your dog to be rock-solid reliable. Conventional industry wisdom says that can best be accomplished with traditional …

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Positive Trainers

You are on the front lines in the battle to spread awareness of the benefits of positive dog training. You are easily the most educated dog trainers in history, and you bring the latest research to your clients. Your clients depend on you for guidance, and they trust your recommendations. But when it comes to …

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Gun Dog Breeders

Your breed is your passion. You put all your effort into bettering it, and you want to make sure your puppies end up in great homes and receive great training. When your clients ask for gun dog trainer recommendations, they trust your referrals.   Nearly every high-performance dog training niche is discovering the power of …

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